British Heritage Chauffeur Tours: Exploring the UK in Style

Rather than spend all of our time in London, my parents and I divided our UK trip into two weeks. We spent the first week exploring England and the second week exploring London. On our previous visit to England, we followed the same model, splitting time between the beautiful British countryside (the Peak District) and wonderful London.  It was fantastic!

Back in 2012, when we were planning a trip to the UK, my father was doing some research on the internet, trying to find the best way for us to explore places outside of London. We were leaning towards a tour of sorts, but we didn't want to sign up for a huge group bus tour. The idea of being in a bus, being herded from place to place like sheep, and having to deal with large crowds --- that just did NOT appeal to us. That's when he stumbled upon a company called "British Heritage Chauffeur Tours."

BHCT is a really unique company, where you have the luxury of exploring beautiful England, but you don't have the hassle of a giant tour group and rigorous schedule. Also, you don't have to worry about driving on "the wrong side of the road", since for us Americans, this is always a slight paranoia. Back in 2005, when my family visited England, my dad rented a car so we could tour the English countryside. To this day, he says it was one of the most stressful experiences of his life! On that note, another added benefit of BHCT is that someone else does the driving, whilst you get to relax and enjoy the scenery! (Also, you literally travel in style since the cars include Mercedes Benz and Jaguar). BHCT has pre-made tours that you can choose from (ex: Downton Abbey Tour or Jane Austen Tour), however, they can also customize tours, based on your requests.

There is something truly luxurious about being able to travel all over Britain with a fabulous chauffeur who is not only amiable and polite, but incredibly knowledgable about the UK. Not to mention, they are really good drivers! For our past two excursions, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy the company of the same chauffeur, and he is just such a lovely fellow. His knowledge about Britain is astounding and his country driving (squeezing down narrow country roads, maneuvering in tight spots) is impressive!

On our first trip with BHCT, we did a "BBC Period Drama Tour." Essentially, we toured the Peak District. We visited Highclere Castle (aka Dowton Abbey), Chatsworth (new Pride & Prejudice), Kedlesteon Hall (The Duchesss), Haddon Hall (Jane Eyre)….you get the idea. It was really wonderful and my parents and I enjoyed every second. There is something magical about visiting a place that you have seen so many times on TV and/or film. Oh, and did I mention that these grand country homes are absolutely STUNNING!!! (not to mention GINORMOUS!)
 Highclere Castle (aka Dowton Abbey)
Haddon Hall (aka Thornfield Hall from Jane Eyre)

On this trip, we kept some BBC/film sites on the tour, but we went exploring even further and beyond the scope of TV and film! In fact, we did a giant circle through the England. Our travels looked a bit like this:
As you can see, we essentially made a giant circle
Some places we visited during this trip with British Heritage Chauffeur Tours
Top Left: Castle Howard (York, England)
Top Right: The Shambles (York, England)
Bottom Left: City of Chester (Cheshire, England)
Bottom Right: Bath Abbey (Bath, Somerset, England) 

I won't go into too much detail here about where we visited and what we ate, since I have more detailed posts planned for the future, but what I will tell you is that my parents and I had a BLAST touring England. Having the same chauffeur as 2012 was such a pleasure because we already have a great report with him, so it was like road tripping with a friend. 
Traveling to the next site

I won't lie to you, BHCT isn't cheap. Yes, it may burn a bit of a hole in your pocket, BUT if you are serious about seeing England and you don't want a giant tour bus, THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT. The one-on-one attention you receive from the company and the chauffeur is impressive, the schedules are never too hectic and perfectly planned, and the food/accommodations that are selected are of the highest caliber and quality. We've done two trips with BHCT and they have been the highlights of our time in England. They really are a hard working, dedicated, knowledgable, and overall an amazing company! I cannot recommend British Heritage Chauffeur Tours enough!

For more information on British Heritage Chauffeur Tours, please click here.


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